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This 8k Hybrid Inverter is an All-IN-One combination of the grid-tied functions and the off-grid system without the necessity of charge controllers or transformers. It is an independent, convenient and all-purpose powerhouse and can be widely used in various home energy storage system (ESS) applications in American and Canada.


Its comprehensive certifications and compliances allows it to meet or exceed typical electrical regulations.


Different intellegent working modes setable for different applications and customers' needs. 


From solar directly, battery storage, and grid power simultaneously to power the house, RV, or other solar projects with up to 8kW stable output. 


Safe & Reliable

• Passed UL 1741:2021, IEEE 1547.1, UL1699B, South Africa NRS097-2-1:2017 test certification; Friendly & flexible;

• Support multi-machine parallel connection;

• Support multi-machine parallel mode sharing a battery pack;  Single-machine load capacity 100A;


Economical & Efficient

• Support parallel SOC equalization control and parallel  current sharing control;

• Using split-phase topology and eliminating the transformers,  to make the system efficiency higher;

• Support the diesel generator and the grid access at the same time;

American Grid On 48V Inverter LVI8KLNA

  • Specifications File Download

    Note: The model of the product for sale in the Specifications File is R8KLNA

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