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High Performance True A+ Cells*16 inside Fastening Connected, Serviceable and Replaceable.


Cells remain 80% SOC Capacity after 3000 Cycles(80% DOD@0.5C Rate, 25°C); Typical Lifespan of Cells:  4000~8000 Cycles. (SOC: State of Charge; DOD: Deep of Discharge; 0.5C Rate: charge/ discharge @92A)


Typical 15 Year Lifespan & 5 Year Warranty.


48 Volt (51.2V Nominal) 184Ah, 9.42 kWh.


Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) Built-In for automated and maintenance free operation.


5 Temperature sensors, protected from extremely low and high temperatures.


Pre-Charge Circuit to Prevent BMS Damage.


16 units of full Cell Holders made by flame retardant plastic to supply the more stable space structure for better heat dissipation and better working condition for these 3.2V 184Ah cells.

Detachable & Replaceable Design for all parts including Cover, BMS, Cells and Cells Holders, User Serviceable.


RS485 & CAN Bus communication with the most protocols built-in and up-gradable, compatible with most inverters (Be sure to select the proper communications cables) .


Mountable on Wall and Floor Base for Easy Installation.


Real Time Monitoring by APP on Mobile Devices through Bluetooth Connection.


A rapid, safe and effective Aerosol Fire Extinguisher Inside to extinguish the fire when  a fire occurs or temperature is over 170°C.

LiFePO4 Powerwall 48V Battery: LV48V184D

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