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LiFePO4 Batteries 12.8V Serviceable Series


12.8V Serviceable





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• High Performance True A+ Cells  Fastening Connection in Series.

• Cells remain 80% SOC Capacity after 3000 Cycles(80% DOD@0.2C Rate @25°C); Typical Lifespan of Cells:  4000~7000 Cycles; (SOC: State of Charge; DOD: Deep of Discharge)

• 12.8V 130/260Ah , +30% capacity than 12.8V100/200Ah battery.

• 10+ Year Typical Lifespan & 5 Years Warranty.

• Temperature Sensors to protect battery from extremel temperatures.

• Intelligent Battery Management System(BMS) inside to provide  automated and maintenance free operation.

• Full Cell Holders made by flame retardant plastic to supply the more stable space structure for better heat dissipation and better working condition for cells.  

• Detachable & Replaceable Design for all parts including Cover, BMS, Cells and Cells Holders, User Serviceable.

• APP Real-time Monitoring(Optional) by Bluetooth Connection between Batteries and mobile devices.

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Specifications Document Download:

Lvgoo Battery LV12V130 Sheets 详细版
Download PDF • 314KB

Lvgoo Battery LV12V260 Sheets Detailed
Download PDF • 314KB

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